Saturday, October 19, 2013 australia - day/night #4

at first: thank you!!!!

whatever you wonderful people did out worked! just after 4:00pm a nice breeze started and got maloo flying again.
during the night we were doing great speed on a very comfortable short - wonderful sailing!

in the morning hours i changed back to wing on wing aka goose-winging and we're currently still doing good speed heading straight for our waypoint at the top of moreton island.

yesterday at lunch we were not so sure anymore if we would make it for an anchorage by monday night we were so slow, but with now only 155nm to go that should be possible.

the day's highlight so far was definitely sunrise/ often do you get the chance to see the full moon setting in the west and the sun rising in the east horizon to horizon with no land, no cloud no nothing to block the view? it was simply divine!!!!

so if all keeps on going well, we should be in land's proximity tomorrow. wonder how it will feel to see not just land, but the australian continent appear on the horizon....

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  1. So close guys!!!! We were up brisbane way today and I could not help but think about if you had arrived early we could come watch you sail into the brisbane river. Our thoughts are with you as you step onto the Australian shore, whether that's Monday or not. We are super excited to come and give you both enormous hugs and congratulations very very soon! Keep safe, love nikki, rick and Finn (+ oma gerda who arrives on Friday).